Medical Case Management

Intellect Solutions commits itself in improving the care, management, and transition of recovering service members, broaden the application process to those in complex and at high risk needs, and evaluate the impact of the quality of Health Care. Our management team analyzes unique needs and requirements to ensure that we find the right fit for our customers. Our cost effective case management services include but are not limited to injury care, physical examinations, administrative and medical support services, on site case management and vocational rehabilitation services, conduct wellness programs and personal interviews with injured employees, provide nursing services, utilization reviews and return to work evaluations. We also provide services like medical-legal evaluations, medical review officer services, and medical consulting and strategic planning in complex areas with massive scope and size of the project. Intellect utilizes random sampling and peer-reviews to confirm the accuracy and quality of cases in combination with the Governments random sampling and independent evaluations.

Intellect brings institutional knowledge for Medical Case Management initiatives by providing the qualified personnel meeting your business needs. We perform interviews, credentialing and background checks and ensure that our medical professionals adhere to the highest client quality, standards, and confidentiality. Our Team provides our wide range of medical and professional services to government agencies, and other health care providers coupled with the extensive knowledge of local medical providers, suppliers, facilities, employers and community resources. Intellect supplies a wide range of capabilities to our health customers from physician subject matter experts, line of duty technicians, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical psychologist, leaders providing medical program management support, to engineers designing, developing, deploying, and supporting enterprise class medical information systems.

Intellect Solutions has supported a number of contracts in providing Medical Case Management support in providing medical recommendations, accessioning, commissioning, retention, TSGLI first level appeal, and incapacitation determination. We are currently supporting the Office of the Air Surgeon, National Guard Bureau (NGB/SG) as a Prime Contractor, with Reviewing Medical Officers (RMOs) to perform fitness for duty and disability determinations on Line of Duty (LOD)/Incapacity (Incap) Pay/Medical Continuation cases submitted to NGB/SGPA, by reviewing these requests and providing professional analysis and action determinations. This work, undertaken by Intellect Solutions since October 2009, has been highly praised by the NGB/SG staff, and has expanded to include: evaluation of applicants for accession into the Air National Guard (ANG), flying duty waivers, world-wide duty/mobility stratification, evaluations for referral to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for duty- and non-duty Disability Evaluation System (DES) processing, and claims for compensation under the Traumatic Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) program.