Management Consulting

Intellect Solutions offers management consulting services with a concentration on enterprise IT life cycle analysis, planning and implementation. Our hands-on approach to IT lifecycle development integrates IT with your organization’s business requirements and strategies to deliver an optimal outcome. This approach allows our customers to maintain and enhance the capability and capacity of their existing networks and communications systems through structured lifecycle strategies, lowering overall cost of ownership and minimizing residual and unexpected IT expenditures.

Our Consulting practice covers Marketing Strategy, Sales & Distribution Operations, People Management, Systems & Processes and Investment Analysis. We have delivered a sustainable competitive advantage to our customers. This has been possible through working on measurable objectives from the client’s point of view, assessing readiness for implementation, working with client’s team and focusing on rapid successes.

In marketing strategy, Intellect Solutions assesses the current mix, benchmarks it against trends and competition and helps in creating new directions. Specific emphasis is put on facing competitive and technological challenges, particularly Internet. Ranging from demand forecasting to brand positioning to customer & channel segmentation, Intellect facilitates the formulation of a high impact, doable strategy.